The Art of the Pitch

Whenever you're trying to sell a product, service or idea, you're trying to convince your audience to invest in you in some way.  They need to trust you, love what you're selling and feel excited about the next step of the journey.

Whatever you're pitching The Art of the Pitch will help you:

  • Identify the features that make your idea really shine
  • Construct a persuasive narrative from concept to reality
  • Hold audiences' attention and build passion around what you're selling

Leading Ideas' pitching workshops have led to numerous commissions - let us share our knowledge and expertise with you.

Presentation Skills

It's rare to experience a presentation where you lose track of time and get lost in the content.  Wouldn't you love to be one of those presenters whom people genuinely enjoy listening to?

It's not impossible. You don't have to be Bill Clinton or Winston Churchill in order to hold an audience's attention. Our Presentation Skills workshop will make people sit up when you take the stage.  We will show you how to:

  • Put the audience at the heart of your presentation 
  • Clarify your message
  • Follow a simple, clean structure to keep people engaged
  • Present with passion and authenticity

Keeping things simple is the key to success, so your presenting job just got easier!

Business Storytelling

We're all natural storytellers. An evening with friends is a series of artfully told stories which keep us entertained for hours.  Business Storytelling will harness those skills and guide you through how to apply them to your business.

  • A clear company story gives your business focus and consistency and helps you form a much closer relationship with your customers.  
  • Customer or user stories make sense of your products or services and help people grasp how you can help them
  • Change can be made easier with the use of stories that help people step into new worlds 

Leading Ideas' consultants have a background in telling  award winning stories for the BBC.  We can pass on the basic storytelling principles you need to consider with every story and offer you a really simple structure to build any story around.