Creative Thinking

You know that in order to move forward you need to change something, try something new or re-think your current way of working - but it's hard to shake up your thinking to map the action you need to take.

Our Creative Thinking workshop will offer you insight into how your mind works and help you break down your internal barriers to creative thinking.  

Once you've understood what's getting in the way of your creativity, we'll help you recover it. A few simple tricks and tools will leave you with the ability to quickly and confidently tackle any creative challenge and offer you fresh perspectives on current projects (professional or personal).

Strategic Creativity

In times of rapid change and uncertain futures businesses are constantly being told to "be more creative".  A great idea in theory but often tricky to put into practice.  

Leading Ideas' straightforward 3 stage approach, Strategic Creativity, will allow you to apply a logical and repeatable structure to creativity that can help teams work boldly and efficiently together through times of change or growth.

  • Define the Challenge
  • Generate and Develop Ideas
  • Implement Solutions

Each stage comes with versatile take away tools that will make creativity a focussed and productive process within your teams.

Creative Facilitation

If you're to take an hour or so of your busiest colleagues' time, there's a certain pressure to make sure every minute is worthwhile. Gazing at a room of flip chart paper filled with crazy ideas and  no discernible useful actions can make even the most optimistic heart sink.

Creative Facilitation will equip you with a no nonsense toolkit to help you plan and facilitate meetings or creative sessions that are both stimulating and ruthlessly useful. 

Based on the Leading Ideas Creative Cycle, these workshops will make sure you understand the theory behind every stage of the creative process. This means, when you're leading groups, you can confidently manage any challenge you encounter.