The Creative Leader

When you're busy dealing with the everyday challenges of keeping a business in check, how do you simultaneously inspire a culture of bravery, invention and free thinking?  Creativity isn't something that just happens in remote boardrooms, it's got to run through the veins of the whole business in order to really make an impact.

The Creative Leader will guide you through the structures and behaviours you need to adopt in order to transform your staff into independent and strategic creative thinkers, with the success of the business at their heart.

Brand You

Do you know why you're an asset to your team and business or what people really value about you?  What can you do brilliantly and what makes you stand out? 

Brand You will help you answer all those questions. We'll then help you distill what you've learned into a clear personal pitch that will really focus your leadership and help you inspire and support your team to  become confident, independent, creative thinkers.

What Next?

Your business or team feels a bit "stuck".  Things are hobbling along ok but you've got a hunch you could be doing better, or even that there might be a crisis on the horizon.

What Next? guides you through a methodical and enlightening process.  This process will take your business hunch and transform it into a set of crisp and focussed creative challenges, guaranteed to remove blockages in your business and help you focus on improving performance.

Insights to Action

If your customers hold the key to your future success, wouldn't it be useful to have some clues as to how you might be able to delight them?

Standard research might be able to tell you about how customers feel about you now, but digging beneath the surface of their habits and behaviours can help you anticipate what's coming next and uncover business gold dust.

Insights to Action will give you the tools to find valuable insights from customer data and research. This will allow you to get to know your customers better and so offer products or services they genuinely value.

Time for Growth

If you ever get the feeling you might be able to achieve really great things if you only had a little more time, this is the workshop for you.

Our Time for Growth workshop won't simply fillet your diary, it will make you re-think your relationship with time.  We'll help you take back control of your time by identifying the habits and gremlins that make hours melt away,.

Back in control, this is the perfect opportunity to really interrogate your business goals and ambitions and make sure you're set on the right path to success.